Saturday, April 30, 2016

What I wish I had known Starting out.

I am writing my first blog post for this blog, been promising myself I would blog for years.  I am inspired by Bonnie from Going Home To Roost to make an actual attempt at blogging.  So, my first post, a letter to myself.

Dear Erica, (1993)

Remember back in your childhood when you spent all your spare time sewing, painting, and crafting?  There was one particular day when you thought to yourself, "I wish I could make beautiful things for a living."  Well, you do.  Just as you started selling hand made ceramic ornaments at the age of 10, and hand painted t-shirt in college while you studied graphic design, it was only the beginning.  

Before you declared your major in college, you took a career assessment test.  You scored exceptionally high in art and entrepreneurship and the test administrator didn't know how to asses your scores to pin down a college major or career.  You decided on majoring graphic design, and fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, when you graduated we were in a huge recession and jobs were scarce.  One day while job hunting you carried a box of hand made accessories in one hand and your portfolio in the other.  By the end of the day you get $500 in orders just from local shops in the area.  The doors opened to sell to many more shops and participate in craft fairs.  Then exhibit at wholesale trade shows and sell wholesale only to shops across the country.  By 1996 you are producing a full time income with your business and purchase your first home.  You will look back and remember your career assessment results, you are doing exactly what your results indicated: Art entrepreneur.  Your business thrives and you take a hiatus for a few years when your youngest is born.  In 2007 you decide to start your business up again, but it will feel like starting over again.  Things have change because of the internet, which is a good for you, because with young kids you can't handle the amount of business form trade shows just yet.

You get a web site, you had to get internet first!  You also have to change your company name as the URL address for "The Vintage Rose" is already taken.  It didn't take long again for thing to really get rolling again.  You do participate in a wholesale trade show again in 2010.  You advertise in magazines such as Romantic Homes as well as get featured in them as well.  

Around 2014 you desire to pursue graphics again, you also want to work smarter, not harder and design items once that don't have a ceiling on sales.  A new adventure begins trying to find your niche in-between filling orders.  You design a few web sites here and there, logos and branding.  In 2015 you launched Wild Meadow Press and offer a variety of items for sale.

Early 2016, you start designing graphics for sale for other designers to use such as custom wreaths.  You love it and also start designing fonts, one of your top bucket list items to do!  Remember all those times you would gaze upon pattern after pattern in awe?  Well in March 2016 you stumble upon surface pattern design and all the exciting directions it branches in to.  

A new adventure begins.